ZPP team Outdoor photo

“We are planning to renovate the lighting for the conference room and they provide excellent LED linear lights.

Not only completed quickly but also met our budget.”

Lisa, Designer

“It is very pleasant to work with ZPP. We choose the right lighting for our customers

The ZPP team can meet some special customizations according to our requirements. Like the champagne color specially tailored for us

This is very powerful.”

Nicolas, Purchasing manager

“We only told the ZPP team that we were going to install bright lights for the new factory

(Length 72 m × 48 m wide)

And after 53 days, we ushered in a very satisfactory result.”

Sheng, Contractor

“The ZPP team provided us with excellent office lighting for quality and design.
Professional advice, project discussions, service cycles, all are amazing

Jose, Architect